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Cards By Finchley Paper Arts

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"Posting" Christmas cards takes on a whole new, wonderful, artful meaning on the Xmas greeting card featured here. A six postage stamp block is beautifully rendered and decorated with icons of the festive season right on the front of the Noel card itself.

Against a bright blue, snowflaked background, a half dozen perforated pictures are colorfully and creatively stamped out for delightful holiday giving and receiving. Front plated here are: a magnificent white winter chateau with red roofs, nestled in the snowy mountains, with Santa capped songbirds on tree branches; a gorgeously ornamented and lit up Christmas tree with elves and red and blue wrapped presents at its base; a collection of blue birds and cardinals perched on bare winter wonderland branches wearing red and white Claus hats; a picturesque blue castle crowning the bank of a river, with a bridge and a snowflake filled sky; silver bells adorned with birds and an Xmas tree, a red bow and snowflakes; and a pair of brown owls seated on tree branches full of green ivy and red holly berries.

This lovely, amazing, one-of-a-kind Yuletide card will charm one and all so gifted it, bringing good cheer and fine spirit, postage paid.