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Cards By Karrie Evenson

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Karrie Evenson's inspiration comes from her children, as well as animals and nature. She embraces each moment and lives in the joy of the little things. Spending much time in her studio, her vision is to create work that makes others feel happy and inspired.

Animals are featured on all of the Birthday and Thank You cards available right here from Karrie Evenson and NobleWorks. Cute, charming, captivating, painted animals, guaranteed to appeal to anybody of any age turning another year older or to whom you owe a debt of gratitude.

For a friend, family member or workmate who's celebrating a Birthday, you have your choice of amazingly artful and adorable giraffes, llamas, owls and bunny rabbits by which to wish those special people a wonderful Birthday via a colorful, creative and amusing greeting card. While a smiling sloth with a flower clenched in its mouth, clinging to a jungle bamboo shoot, is brightly, beguilingly and brilliantly pictured on the outside and inside of the Thank You card to be used to express your gratefulness towards someone or some group that has helped you out or assisted or gifted you in some manner.