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Cards By Howard Robinson

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Howard Robinson has been described as the artistic master of adorable animals, both wild and tame that brim with personality, the kind that make a person smile. Working in the Art Licensing industry for over 36 years, his delightful images can be found reproduced and giving joy to many, on numerous products throughout the world.

It's a zoo out there! Out front - on these greeting cards!

All manner of jolly, joking, jousting, jostling, joyous, joyful mammals and fishes take center stage posing in fun and furry and shouting and scaly groups for fabulous, frolicking selfies, in order to send out wacky, wonderful, delightful Birthday, Get Well and Christmas greetings. With a smiling, posing plethora of zebras, elephants, lions, meerkats, giraffes, emus, rhinoceros, bears, tigers, seals, cats, dogs, killer whales, dolphins, turtles, clown fish, sharks and yellow snappers, these manic animal cards deliver warm and fuzzy, festive and finny, long nosed and long necked, great garrulous greetings more than crammed fit and full for the season and/or occasion.

With all the preening, grinning, laughing, lolling and enthusiasm and exuberance on display, there's no room for any recipient to feel down or blue.