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Cards By Batya Sagy

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Flowers are full-frontal featured in all their colorful, blooming, blossoming, bursting, breathtaking, petalled glory on these floral-filled greeting cards glowing with good cheer and fragrant with fine feelings. Along with some red seeded pomegranates, a black reindeer head silhouette, a blue mosque, various gold crowns and ivory frames, blue and black butterflies, and green and blue Stars of David, as well.

The occasions and holidays that these marvelous, amazing, lovely cards celebrate and enhance include: Muslim Ramadan, Jewish New Year, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Get Well Wishes, Congratulations, Thank You Gratitude, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentine's Day, Season's Greetings, Retirement Congrats, and two ten card Inspirational collections featuring fantastic posies, of course, and uplifting written messages and words.

So, if you and your friends, family members and/or colleagues love flowers - and who doesn't? - then this is the vast and varied, bouquet-centric grouping from which you should seed and grow your greeting card collection, and then pick and distribute to one and all.