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Cards By Fritz of Holland

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The lusty lads fine featured in this hunky Birthday card collection are packing more than just good cheer and buff muscles, if you know what we mean? Their skimpy, clingy, colorful briefs are bulging with some hard candy erotically gift-wrapped and packaged for that lucky stiff of a B-Day boy or girl.

In vivid, vibrant blues, reds, whites, blonde, brunettes and tawny tan skin: a hard-body hottie in a cowboy hat and roping gloves, holding a lasso and arching in front of a target, is aiming to please; a reclining dude with a more-than-full pair of strawberry embossed briefs is whipping up some sweet, gooey, sticky, shooting joy; and a chiseled man in parts of a red spidey suit poses against a spider web to entice, excite, snare and devour all those hungering for a tasty treat on their special celebratory day.

The big, built, burgeoned, almost nude, goodtime boys pictured on these heated, sexy, cheeky, well-endowed greetings stand ready to serve up erotic, amazing fun and flesh to all those presented with any one of the awesome, ripped, shredded, near-naked, piping hot body cards.