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Cards By Rick Stromoski

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Rick Stromoski is an American cartoonist whose work includes the syndicated comic strips Mullets and Soup to Nutz. Stromoski grew up in Edison, New Jersey as part of a family of twelve children. His career started out in the greeting card industry. He illustrated books for such publishers as Macmillan, Workman, and Random House. Stromoski's daily strip Soup to Nutz was syndicated by the Newspaper Enterprise Association from 2000 to 2018. He teamed up with fellow cartoonist Steve McGarry to produce the syndicated strip Mullets from November 24, 2003, to January 15, 2005.

Birthdays get the hairy, furry, funny treatment in this collection of hilarious B-Day cards from Rick Stromoski. Dogs, cats, magicians, disappearing bunny rabbits, and old ladies and old men are all humorously cartoon pictured to ratchet up the good cheer, best wishes and sardonic chuckles on that special someone's big, important, life-lengthening and affirming day.

On one colorful and clever greeting card, an elderly geezer blows out his false teeth as he's attempting to snuff out the forest of blue candles on his pink and white iced cake; and he garners a below-the-belt punch line on the inside of the graying, gut-busting greeting for all of his windy troubles. While on another witty, wacky card, a cute yellow, brown and white pooch dials up an extra-large liver pizza just as its old lady arrives back home from the grocery store; delivered with an interior joke to accompany the hysterical image that really "works."

Give the gift of a laugh-out-loud greeting card to any friend, family member or co-worker commemorating yet another year on this planet by picking and sending out one of the super, mirthful missives in this glorious, gag-worthy grouping.