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See You Soon Greeting Cards

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Praise the Lord! And the laughmeisters at NobleWorks Cards! They've brought the J-Man back to life in cartoon hilarious fine form so that you can bequeath unto a special friend, family member or workmate a heavenly humorous greeting card on the epic occasion of their thirtieth, thirty-fifth, fortieth, forty-fifth or fiftieth Birthday.

Featuring Jesus Christ, the son of God his own holy self, making with a wink and a quip, anybody of any religious persuasion (or none at all) will be moved to laughter and good cheer when gifted one of these funny cards to commemorate their big B-Day occasion. A 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th or 50th Birthday is an important lifetime milestone, made all the more memorable by the soul-saving man who came back from the dead - to deliver a joke.