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Cards by Mia Charro

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From a young age, drawing captured Mia Charro's heart, guided by encouraging teachers. Her illustrations are whispers of whimsy, each stroke infused with a love for the mystical, the wild and the wondrously unusual.

Big bouquets of flowers and a beautiful beaked barnyard bird are featured on the Birthday, Thank You and Birthday Thank You cards designed and detailed by artist Mia Charro for purchase and gifting right here. Any female friend, family member, coworker or other hot chick you know who's celebrating a Birthday in style will love the greeting card painted portrait of a flower decorated hen (outside and inside) in high feathered fashion honor of her turning another year older and still looking great. And what better way is there for you to extend your overall gratitude, as well as your specific gratefulness to someone or group who made your Birthday so special, than with a lovely, blooming bunch of botanicals, in cardboard form? These especially pretty, colorful and amusing cards are perfect for the special occasions involved.