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Passive Aggressive Funny Cards

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Passive Aggressive

At NobleWorks Cards, we're still not exactly sure what a passive-aggressive personality is really like. But if people with this perplexing personality trait are anything like the Passive Aggressive Funny Cards we sell, then we say bring 'em on! We could use lots more laughter in the passive-aggressive world we inhabit.

Whether you're looking for passive-aggressive Mother's Day cards or just for some jokes about passive-aggressive people, NobleWorks Cards has you covered. Everyone knows you have to read between the lines in life, and to fully get the meaning of the passive-aggressive jokes in our line of passive-aggressive cards, you truly have to read between the lines and make out the message in the small text that immediately changes the message in the bigger text. But watch out.

But be careful who you send these to. These cards are so funny that some recipients might die from laughter.