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Cards By Todd Provance

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You don't have to be a "great" speller to appreciate the amazing, awesome, amusing humor on some of the clever, colorful, chortle-worthy cards in this collection, but it does help if you can string the right letters together to form the correct words better than the F'ing idiots featured front and center on these hilarious greetings. Meeting your Christmas, Valentine's Day and Birthday card needs was never so easily, successfully and humorously writ out for you.

And along with the wittily worded game show greeting cards, there are also a couple of hysterical others: within a bright, seasonal red and green border, a cartoon Santa Claus is depicted stuck in a chimney atop a snowy rooftop with a human appendage clenched in his jaws, as one of his brown reindeer frantically questions him, in aid of Happy Holiday bloody good cheer; and also for that special festive fun time of the year, in bright, bold, brash yellow, purple, blue, white, brown and orange ball gag and black rubber wear, things get more than a little kinky thanks to Kris Kringle's sexy gifting.

All of these wacky and wonderful, jokey and sassy cards will spell sweet and salty delight for all those so gifted them on Xmas, their big B-Day, or on the most romantic day of the year.