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Cards by Am DeRosa

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Artist Bio

Am DeRosa is a cartoonist and greeting card designer from New York. She writes and draws in her spare time which, as a mother of three, is about 13 seconds a day. She uses parenting humor to endure the trials and tribulations of motherhood. When that doesn't work, wine and chocolate suffice.

Am DeRosa and NobleWorks have put together a collection of utterly charming, totally amusing and vividly colorful Graduation, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Get Well, Congratulations, Mother's Day and Friendship greeting cards. Any one of which is yours for the purchasing and sending to lighten, heighten, brighten and enliven anybody's big special day or holiday or super special news, or to cheerfully comfort somebody feeling ill.

In this gregarious, garrulous, good-natured greetings grouping decorated in vibrant blues, yellows, pinks, purples, reds, greens, oranges, blacks, whites, browns, pears, wines, U-shaped candy canes, popcorn and takeout food: a cute reindeer affixes a red light bulb to its nose to jack up the energy for Xmas; a weary, bedraggled mom with a glazed look in her eyes, clutching a teddy bear and a top, suddenly comes to the anti-Zen realization that, in motherhood, showers are a privilege, not a right; and a clever guy wearing a sweater, hat and beard congratulations himself on betting on that successful academic achiever actually graduating.

You'll be the hit of the party, ratchet up the seasonal festivities, and/or up the feel-goodness for those whooping wildly upon getting their degree or diploma or making it to another B-Day or M-Day, or for those just sick and tired - when you pick and send out the great greeting cards in this marvelous, mirthful, massive gathering of cardboard missives.