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Cards By Joan Jackson

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Artist Joan Jackson jacks up the color and jokes in this collection of bold, boisterous, funny, fabulous Birthday and Valentine's Day cards. Fitted and kitted out perfect for great giving and gifting.

Against a blazing, pulsating backdrop of bright red, green, purple, brown, black, blue, orange and pink dots, a woman whoops it up big-time to be sure she's counted in on the crazy, boozy, wild and wacky B-Day celebrations. And pink and red ribbon, hearts and socks are the vivid, hilarious images paired with humorous punch lines on a couple of amazing, awesome, hysterical V-Day cards (one of which even includes, on the inside, a big bunch of red roses delivered by a dude/dame in a white Hazmat suit).

So, don't delay, scoop up and send out these clever, colorful, magnificent, mirthful missives to get the party started in witty and wicked style and fan the flames of romance into a raging, laughing, loving inferno!