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Cards by Joseph Kohl

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Joe Kohl began his cartooning career in 1972. His work has appeared in many major magazines. He has also illustrated numerous greeting cards, mugs, t-shirts as well as books and advertising.

A little raucous and raunchy, a tad crude and rude, a bit dirty and filthy - but all entirely awesomely funny! That describes this witty, colorful collection of hilarious joke cartoon cards from artist Joseph Kohl quite well.

The varied occasions depicted for cheerful, churlish, chortle-wise carding include: Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Graduation, Congratulations, Father's Day and Friendship. All bright, boisterous, buoyant and sure to induce multiple belly laughs from those so gifted them. Anybody with a wicked sense of humor who appreciates great hilarity will absolutely enjoy receiving one of these wacky, wonderful, wiseass cards, whatever the occasion or special event.

Done up in bright, vivid blues, reds, yellows, greens, blacks, whites, purples, pinks and excrement, which just adds to the epic delight to be shared and savored.