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Cards By Harley Schwadron

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Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., Harley Schwadron is a free lance cartoonist and illustrator for magazines and newspapers, large and small. His cartoons are published in such major media as Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Readers Digest, Harvard Business Review, National Law Journal, Forbes and others. For 15 years he was a cartoonist for Punch in England. He has also done hundreds of illustrations for books, magazines, op-ed pages and newsletters.

Harley draws up, inks in and punch lines out a collection of colorful, funny Get Well, Birthday, Retirement and Same-Sex Marriage cards, on exhibit here for amusing, must-do purchasing and gifting. Anybody lucky enough to receive one of these well-drawn and hilariously worded greeting cards will be filled with happy good feeling and emotion, no matter which the occasion.

In this rib-tickling, gut-busting, visually rewarding grouping of cards: a doctor in a blue lab coat informs his sad-sack patient in white undershirt and purple shorts that the tests results are in, and they can rule out any cheap resolution to the man's health problems; a lady minister in a purple robe pronounces two loving women, dressed up in red, green and polka dots, a gay couple, in a civil union, capable of filing separate tax returns; and a lazy lout reading a newspaper in his easy chair tells the birthday girl in his life that she can go ahead and cook anything she wants for supper. Ouch! And oof! Somebody's funny bone just might get broken in all "that" merriment and mirth.

Laughter is clearly the best medicine, humor a great B-Day treat, retirement a gag-worthy event; as delightfully demonstrated in pictures and verbiage on these charming, jokey, joyous, jubilant, yellow, purple, green and pink bordered cheer cards.