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Cards by Michael Zindell

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Michael Zindell is a lifelong artist and designer. He likes to call himself a "design ninja" as a joke, because nothing else really fits. Basically he just loves creating beautiful and interesting products of all kinds.

Michael's creatively and colorfully whimsical side is on full, bright, delightful display on the animal centric, Pride infused, warm hearted Good Luck and Congratulations cards on sale here. Whether your LGBTQIA+ friends, family members and coworkers are in need of an encouraging bit of good fortune as they embark on some new activity or adventure, or they've accomplished something awesome that is deserving of applause and kudos, these cute, charming, captivating greetings will get the Good Luck and Congratulations jobs done - in funky, fabulous, funny and uplifting style.

Best of Luck wishes are conveyed by a pair of adorable, smiling giraffes with their heads in the fluffy white clouds, and an inspirational message writ rainbow. While success accolades are roared out via a grinning lion wearing a multihued bowtie while sitting in a flower filled field, along with a cheering greeting.