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Cards By Phil Witte

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Phil Witte is a cartoonist, humorist, and journalist. Phil's cartoons have appeared in dozens of publications in the U.S. and U.K. His joke books on turning 50 and turning 60, written under the name P.D. Witte, have sold over 150,000 copies. He also writes humorous political and social commentaries. His articles on serious subjects, ranging from international affairs to cultural events, have been published in major newspapers and magazines, from The Washington Post to The Bangkok Post.

Birthday, Christmas and Get Well are the cards stocked here in this clever, colorful, merry and bright and fabulous and funny collection. With an always daily double added bonus of a pair of JEOPARDY! parody cards.

To celebrate a Birthday and the Christmas season in fine, hilarious style, three seniors gather on-set for some fun and games, with fitting subject categories like: "Facts I Forgot," "Aches And Pains" and "What Did You Say?" And a white-jacketed doctor suggests that a bare-chested patient is probably just a hypochondriac, but wants to run some tests to be sure, to deliver "Feel Better Soon!" warm best wishes. And in honor of the holiday season, a haloed seated Jesus in a blue robe learns the shocking, immaculate truth about his "father."

All of these witty, wily, wonderful cards will deliver great cheer and jokey charm, no matter what the occasion.