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Cards By Hilary B. Price

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Hilary Price is a cartoonist, storyteller and speaker in western Massachusetts. Rhymes With Orange, her award-winning comic strip, appears in newspapers internationally. She teaches workshops on single panel cartooning at The Center for Cartoon Studies.

The humor is hitched up and the illustrations and punch lines are way winning, in this clever, colorful, mirthful collection of cards. Hanukkah, Birthdays, Thank You Coach and Retirement all get that patented Hilary B. Price artistry and yuckestry, to heighten the good feelings of all those celebrating these big events.

For the B-Day girl or boy, black and white party penguins preen up their tuxedos to enliven the occasion. For those observing the Jewish Festival of Lights, Mrs. Potato Head reassures her bedded hubby that he won't be turned into a latke; and household candles are scraped together and shoved into service to keep the Menorah flames burning. For the Numero Uno retiree, his office phone extension number is also put on the shelf to commemorate his work greatness. And a football coach gets a lesson in spelling from his own team, along with a whole lot of gratitude.

These cute, funny, fabulous, cartoon greeting cards, brightly daubed in brown, purple, white, black, pink, gray, blue, green, red and Antarctic flightless fowl, strike just the right notes and funny bones. Fitted and kitted out to deliver great good cheer and warm happy hilarious sentiments.