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Artist Bio

Dave Blazek is a cartoonist, creative director, writer, graphic artist, animator and commercial director who drinks to much beer and Mountain Dew and often has to explain himself to his own family.

He's best known as the creator of the unique comic Loose Parts which is syndicated nationally by the Washington Post Writers Group. It appears in such papers as The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Orlando Sentinel. Thousands and thousand of people read it every day ... several of them even understand it. Blazek has released six books of his cartoons including his latest, oddfish sandwich.

Also, Blazek wrote the comic strip Dr. Katz Professional Therapist under contract to Comedy Central in new York. He's also head of the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society because, well, the NCS probably just hasn't realized it yet.

But Dave has another career as well. During the day, he serves as Creative Director of MediaLab, the groundbreaking innovative creative group within the walls of The Philadelphia Inquirer. His print ads, TC spots and radio commercials have won him over 120 local, national and international creative awards including many national ADDY Awards and a CLIO. He has his own advertising business and has created advertising, cartoons, animations and commercials for products ranging from Pepsi to Texaco to Wheel of Fortune to McKesson Health Systems.

Blazek is a former standup comedian who has performed in front of crowds ranging from 1,000 at the Philadelphia Academy of Music to 17 non-English-speaking patrons at a bar in West Chester.

Hard as it is to believe, Dave graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Journalism and once worked in a factory shoveling out the ink pits beneath printing presses. He has no large or small intestines, just two medium ones.

Blazek lives with his wife Eileen an accomplished business professional in her own right outside Philadelphia on the edge of Valley Forge National Park. He has two adult daughters: one an artist and UX designer; the other a medical student. In his spare time he runs like a fool, plays the piano and guitar as often as he can, and stares at the ceiling until he comes up with even more weird ideas.