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Cards By Jennifer Lange

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Colorful, capering, frolicking cats and dogs are featured jumping, sniffing, eating, sleeping and entwining on these bright, beautiful, warm and fuzzy cards; to vividly and delightfully celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries and Achievements, and to poignantly and pointedly express Get Well and Miss You fine furry and snuggly sentiments.

To highlight but a few: a rueful black kitty with yellow eyes wears a cone, against a vibrant red background, to deliver some catty advice and good cheer; a cute black and white pooch chows down on some cake, against a glowing purple backdrop, in aid of Birthday best wishes; and a brown canine and a black and gray feline, on a blue background, lie down and sleep friendly together to commemorate a happy love occasion.

You don't have to be a domestic animal lover to enjoy any of these fabulous, marvelous, mirthful cards. You just have to want to cheer someone up, show your appreciation, or celebrate an important occasion, and these gorgeous, garrulous, funny, mischievous mutt and pussycat cards will have you covered in glory.