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Cards By Thea Musselwhite

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Finally, just the right, funny, witty, colorful, clever, cute greeting cards for all the dolls and dollings out there! Whether the occasion/holiday/event is Christmas, Birthday, 30th Birthday, 40th Birthday, 50th Birthday, Mother's Day or Get Well, these cards are all dolled up to deliver best wishes, great laughter, good cheer, funny poses and wise words.

Featured fronts and center on these fab, fantastic greetings are male and female doll models in yellow sweaters and gray pants and pink blouses and gray skirts, sitting down and sitting up and reclining, and making merry with gifts and bottles, as they: dispense drunken holiday joy; raise a glass to their mothering skills in keeping their offspring alive; visit a friend feeling kind of shitty; and celebrate thirty, forty and fifty year birthday parties with each other on yellow and orange chairs and a pink couch, aging along with the fine wine.

Plastic personalities and profoundly humorous greetings are on full, bendable display on these utterly unique and truly wonderful one-of-a-kind laugh-out-loud cards.