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Cards by Kirsty Hotson

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Artist Bio

Having worked in sales for the last 20 years, Kirsty Hotson finally let her creative juices flow with the birth of Plastic Pam. Although she never played with dolls as a kid - just a football - she is now chief doll dresser. Oh, and she also drives a pink car ... nuff said!

Sexy, sensational, sassy, saucy, humorous, erotic - that's these Birthday and Anniversary cards, and more! Dressed and dolled up fabulous, marvelous, fantastic and funny in hot pinks, heated situations, hilarious punch lines, and sensual stud and babe play.

On one plastic figured, perfectly mirthful, charmingly tongue-in-cheek greeting card, two blonde hotties discuss the sheer foreign volume of men one woman has bedded, dressed in pink, tan flesh-tone and decorated with flowery quilts and wallpaper, to send out mucho B-Day best wishes. While on another daring, domestic, darling greeting card, a dude in a blood-red shirt ponders where he and the blonde lady working away at the ironing board will be going for their holidays, and she scorches his lazy ass with a witty rejoinder, the whole scene backgrounded by delish red, yellow, orange, white, black, blue pink and purple tiled and styled wallpaper, to heighten A-Day celebratory excitement.

Artist Kirsty Hotson poses everyone just right, colors everything bright and beautiful, and words it all wonderfully wisecracking, to deliver plenty of jazzy, zingy, joyful, sultry fun and happiness for those singles turning a year older and those couples commemorating being together for another whole year.