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Cards By John Lustig

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John Lustig is an American comics writer and former journalist, principally known for his Disney comics scripts featuring Donald Duck and other members of Disney's Duck family. Lustig has also become known for his clever post-modern rescripting of panels from old romance comic pages previously published by Charlton Comics under the banner Last Kiss. Besides four issues of the comic book Last Kiss, the panels have also become a regular feature of Comics Buyer's Guide, and recently expanded into being featured on T-shirts, greeting cards, etc.

Bright colors, beaming charm, snarky comments, witty exchanges, babes and beaus - these Birthday, Get Well, Congratulations, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Baby, Bachelorette, Wedding and Valentine's Day cards have it all, and then some! And the pictured hotties and hunks aren't the least bit shy about showing it off, or bragging about it, either. Which makes these funny, fantastic, hilarious greeting cards each and every one-of-a-kind amazing.

To highlight but a few famous examples: a marvelous Mom in a gray fur hat and stole and blue dress cautions her kid about reading her diary, even after it becomes a bestseller; a blonde beauty in a red blouse raises an invigorating finger and exhorts that she's in need of more caffeine, 'cause she's got lives to run!; and a not-so-blushing bride and anything-but-bashful groom cross the threshold in style, with many more to come.

These awesome, humorous, vivid, vibrant, tremendous greeting cards from artist John Lustig are fit fab and fine for all occasions, and great giving.