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For some (i.e. all kids) Easter is all about chocolate, delivered by the cute, white, fluffy, cuddly, benevolent Easter bunny. Butt it always pays, and leaves a good taste in the mouth, when one carefully separates the rabbit-delivered sugared cocoa from the bunny-dropped poo before chowing down.

That's the fun, funny, gooey, garrulous, good-humored, slightly gross message on this charming, bright green, white, pink, brown, big eared and pawed E-Day card. A hilarious, informative poem perfectly captures the right light mood of the occasion and the yucky results in the event some sweet and stupid kiddy makes the mistake of accidentally downing some droppings.

With a glowing and pelleted interior, as well, this lovely, laughable greeting card will treat one and all to a happy, humorous, satisfying Easter (assuming they wisely pause read before they greedily gulp).