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John Lustig's Last Kiss Pop-Art Comic Cards

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Hilarious Last Kiss Comic Cards|John Lustig

John Lustig’s greeting card line Last Kiss is the place in the universe where thoughtful sentiment, calculated humor and fine art collides on a single, high-quality greeting card. With colorful, vintage-inspired cartoons and comic-style thought bubbles packed with everything you always wish you could say, these funny birthday cards will have your loved ones doubled over in laughter. Lustig’s designs aren’t limited to birthday cards, though. He also creates stand-out designs to say thank you, congratulations and happy holidays. He may or may not have slipped in a fellatio cartoon or two while he was at it.

In addition to a hilarious 7 dwarves of old age cartoon card, here at NobleWorks we stock our virtual shelves with so many funny retro greeting cards that you could spend hours browsing our site. Get your pal a Last Kiss card to say “Get well soon” with a message like “How can I be so sick and still look so good?” and other unconventionally hilarious messages. Our Last Kiss holiday cards are so well-loved that they’ve made an appearance on our Christmas card blog year after year. Lustig’s ability to capture the essence of the season in a single, bi-fold greeting card is an unmatched feat in modern greeting card design. Just take a look at his card that features Santa getting smooched by a lady (who, by the way, doesn’t appear to be Mrs. Claus) beneath the phrase “Ready to get off the naughty list?”

Every card in the Last Kiss line is made with FSC certified sustainable source pulp and 10 percent post-consumer waste, so you can be sure you’re getting a clever and eco-friendly product. At NobleWorks, we do our best to help you match your budget, so we offer free shipping on every single order.