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Cards By Michael Salpino

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The unique cartoon illustrations and comic verbiage of artist Michael Salpino are on full display here, in this funny, charming, colorful collection of Easter, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day and New Year greeting cards.

A plain white egg shells out a compliment to a bright, striped pink, purple, green, orange, blue, red and gray dyed egg at a bar, to crack the ice. A green Tyrannosaurs Rex drops its phone and has no way to pick the call signaler back up what with its inordinately and disproportionately short arms, as a purple dino looks on. And an orange and gray furred pair of felines hit the golf course with their clubs and a purple ball of twine for some catty course play. To name and highlight but a few of the witty, wonderful, wacky missives of drawn and worded mirth in this marvelous grouping.

You can't go wrong collecting all of the bright, fabulous, stylish joke cards in this vast and varied but consistently hilarious greeting gathering, and then gifting them on out to those celebrating a B-Day, a holy few days, the most romantic day of the year, the New Annum and/or a Happy Xmas.