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Cards By Jeff Pert

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Jeff Pert is an award winning cartoonist from Maine who has loved comics and cartoons since he was a kid reading his "Peanuts" collections. He got his professional start drawing editorial cartoons for Brunswick, Maine's Times Record. His editorial cartoons went on to be published in 5 other Maine newspapers and earned him multiple awards from the Maine Press Association. Cartooning for over 25 years he is best known for his drawings of lobsters and moose. Some of Jeff's clients include Cedars Sinai Medical Center, NobleWorks Cards and L.L. Bean. His work has appeared in various national publications and on all kinds of merchandise such as books, greeting cards, t-shirts, postcards, drinking glasses, calendars and key chains.

Jeff has put together a fine, funny collection of Birthday and Xmas greeting cards featured here. Colorfully cartoon illustrated and wittily and wily worded, these clever joke cards will bring laughter, good cheer and great spirits to all those celebrating another year and/or the holiday season.

In a ho-ho-ho humorous vein, Santa gets needled by some of his game-playing reindeer as they compete JEOPARDY! style for money and fame, delightfully depicted in Noel shades of red and green, and purple and brown. And a sassy old lady examines her spouse's growth of ear hair, and tries to take advantage of the elder guy's forgetfulness to score herself a right good rugging, all dolled up exuberantly in bright, vivid, marvelous pinks, blues, greens, oranges, whites, reds, peaches, wrinkles and senior sassy and saucy.

Give the gift of fine comedy and artistry, and really pump up the party and festivities, by picking and sending out the cute, clever, sexy greeting cards in this furry, hilarious, well-seasoned, garrulous grouping.