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Cartoons: Hilarious Cartoon Greeting Cards

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Funny Cartoons

The sitcom-style cartoons on major TV networks have moments where they are kind of funny, but for the most part, they are safe. Nothing offensive, nothing very controversial. The edgy cartoons are found on cable TV networks, where the censors are lifted and the gloves are off.

NobleWorks Cards is the cable TV of cartoon greeting cards.

No photography cards or retro greeting cards in here - only the funniest of the greeting cards with cartoons are allowed in. As you scroll through our VIP section of cartoons you might come across a perfect Tim Whyatt birthday cartoon, or just a naughty little cartoon card for adult-sized laughs. Or maybe you'll find something by Dan Piraro, creator of "Bizzaro." James Callahan, Daniel Collins, Charles Almon and many other of the funniest, most daring cartoonists also have their work featured here.

The subjects they cover stretch from sex to politics, and many other ways of getting screwed. You'll find perfect cartoon greeting cards for any occasion or holiday here. We also have funny cartoons cards appropriate for friends without a daring sense of humor.

Not only can we supply you with a card with a funny cartoon, but we also took the liberty of writing some funny greetings inside the cards to save you time. Isn't that thoughtful of us? These cards can all be yours with a valid credit card. The best part of ordering online is that you don't have to get dressed up to go shopping. You don't even have to have pants on. We won't tell anyone. Promise. Also, check out our Milestone Birthday page for extra excitement. You know you want to.