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Cards by Marie Burke

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Marie Burke is drawn to the effortless beauty of the natural world and fascinated by the ease of its structures, the complex twists and turns that can be missed in the blink of an eye. They bring to mind the sinuous, asymmetrical curves of Art Nouveau. By portraying botanical subjects larger than life, she likes to draw attention to the flow of creation that surrounds us as a reaction to the complicated world that we construct for ourselves.

She has created a lovely, artful, amazing, colorful, flower-filled collection of Thank You, Birthday and Mother's Day cards for NobleWorks, and you. Anyone gifted one of these creative watercolor floral greeting cards will be both moved, inspired and grateful.

To send out great gratitude greetings: a big, vivid, blooming, pink peony is portrayed against a deep, dark, velvety black background, with another glorious flower painted on the inside of the precious card; while iridescent, purple iris petals and yellow pistil, along with a fluttering black and white butterfly, are magnificently rendered on another aptly gorgeous appreciation card. And to make Mom beam with good cheer, warm emotions and maybe well-up with happy tears, there's a marvelous, loving, living plant card featuring a blue and white inked iris flower with "MOTHER" spelled out in big, black letters, and a beautiful blue and white butterfly on the inside of the artistic expression of affection.

Anyone deserving of fine Thanks, best B-Day wishes or Happy M-Day kudos will truly revel in receiving the appropriate awe-inspiring fantastic floral card from this vivid and vibrant garden grouping.