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Big Greetings for All Occasions

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This is the BIG one! A truly massive, totally gargantuan collection of giant best wishes, gigantic good cheer and ginormous sweet sentiment. The verbiage and images are super-sized for huge enjoyment on these BIG New Year, Christmas, Graduation, 50th Birthday, Holiday, Congratulations, Thank You, Baby, Engagement, Wedding, Get Well, New Job, Sorry, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, 40th Birthday, 30th Birthday, Halloween, Employee Appreciation Day and Boss's Day greeting cards.

In bold, brash, blaring whites, blues, reds, purples, greens, blacks, oranges, pinks, gold, diamonds, candy corns, candy canes and cheese dimpled, tremendous letters of gratitude, best wishes, fine feelings, awesome accolades and deep heartfelt apologies are spelled out for all to see and take pride and pleasure in; epically worded in both English and, in some cases, Spanish.

So, don't be small; go BIG when it comes to choosing and gifting notecards, from the grand, extra-large scripted, brilliantly colored cardboard missives in this monumentally memorable grouping of great greetings.