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Cards By Maret Hensick

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Maret Hensick was raised in Europe from the age of 9, returning to the United States for college, and graduating from the University of Pennsylvania (summa cum laude) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After college, she worked in Germany for two years as a graphic artist before returning to the states. In the late 1980's, Maret started hand painting T-shirts and selling them at craft fairs. Each shirt had a different design painted directly on to it with brushes and fabric paint. It created her initial style, full of splatters and drips, and taught her never to be afraid of the blank, white surface or of making mistakes.

On Valentine's Day, you gotta have heart! Lots of hearts! Big, beautiful, artful, red, pink, green, white, purple and blue hearts, done up creatively and craftily. Such as in this heart-filled, heartfelt, heart-full collection of lovely and loving V-Day greeting cards.

Here, the most romantic day of the year is celebrated in super, colorful, charming style with cards beaming, bursting and beating with multi-hued hearts embossed with squiggles, spirals, snowflakes and geometric shapes and funky-framed with bright borders, set against vivid and vibrant backgrounds.

Any one of these cute, cheery, cut and paste, hearty, artsy cards will surely be well and warmly received and embraced by that special someone dear to your passionate heart.