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Cards by John Hovenstine

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John Hovenstine has drawn and painted since he was a little kid. He's been the creative director at an award winning catalog, won some awards for his art and photography, and his work is hanging in people's homes across the country.

Been ducking sending out a Bon Voyage card to a friend, relative or workmate and their family because you just can't locate a great greeting to fill the bill? Well, your card searching journey has ended, right here. John Hovenstine has created a pair of original and hilarious Bon Voyage greetings that will get anyone's vacation adventure or trip of a lifetime off to a flying and funny start. Featuring boat rowing and Beetle driving geese and chicks, a body of blue water full of seals and a beachfront vista, these visually stunning and extremely hysterical Bon Voyage cards will launch anybody's great getaway in laughingly original style!