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Cards by Scott Nelson

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Artist Bio

Scott Nelson is best known for being not known. During a recent reunion of the class of 1985, his classmates were shown pictures of him and 99% simply referred to him as "that kid who hunched over his paper and drew all the time." Well, Scott is ready to set the record straight with his former classmates and let them know that ... nothing has changed and he's still hunched over his paper and drawing all the time.

Since his freelance career began in 1987 (he attended a two-year art school), Nelson's work has been featured on nearly 1,000 greeting cards. He has also written and illustrated numerous children's books, calendars, caricatures and spot illustrations for various trade magazines. When not drawing, he can often be found outside painting landscapes in watercolor and acrylics. During the rare time he's not drawing or painting, he can often be found talking about drawing and painting not to anyone in particular, mind you. He's usually just looking at a lamp or a blank wall and discussing the use of negative space and contrasting colors. Truthfully, it's kinda weird.