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Bluntcard Greeting Cards

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Classy, sassy, saucy, sauced, sophisticated, elegant, exquisite, fantastic, foul-mouthed, fabulous - the lovely ladies pictured on these creative, colorful, charming, churlish cards have it all, and they aren't shy about showing it off, and mouthing off. Whether the occasion be Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, Thanksgiving or New Year, the classic chicks depicted in this splendid collection of goodtime greeting cards deliver the bubbly, buoyant, blue, marvelous, mixed cocktail good cheer and great laughter in tremendous style.

Against bright, vivid, vibrant red, pink, purple, blue, orange, gray, brown and green backgrounds, unforgettable and free-spirited femmes with brown, black, blonde and red hair, dressed to the nines in party dresses, blouses, skirts, gloves, pearls, Santa caps and playful toques, raise a glass or three and a chuckle or ten as they send out F'ing funny and wonderful advice and wicked self-evaluation. All in the cheerful and caustic cause of lightening the mood and pumping up the mirth for anybody lucky enough to receive one of these gorgeous, gregarious cards.

Bitches, babes, broads, boozers, drama queens and even the boys will enjoy getting one of these clever, colorful, portrait perfect, screamingly hilarious cards for the Holidays, All Hallows' Eve, Turkey Day, or that big special Birth Anniversary. Just handle them with care; these dames and these delish dishing cards are hot stuff!