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Cards by Jadei Graphics

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Artist Bio

Jadei Graphics started more than 20 years ago with three of the best-known poster artists: Bob Talbot, whose inspiring photographic images of whales and dolphins were in households throughout the world; Jim Brandenburg, who gave us a view into wolves never before seen by the public; and Gottfried Helnwein's series "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," which captured four beloved celebrities in an art form that has hung in more college dorms and first apartments than any other print. Over the next 20 years, Jadei Graphics went on to expand its artist group and to partner with other companies so that it was able to offer something for everyone.

Legendary movie stars and sexy singing icons are featured in fabulous Technicolor and amazing artistic action rendering in this awesome collection of Birthday, Christmas and Congratulations cards. With a special celebrity '50's and '60's emphasis on blonde bombshell Marilyn Munroe and Mr. Swivel Hips himself, Elvis Presley.

In bright, brilliant, flashing, neon reds, blues, yellows, pinks, greens, purples and noir blacks and whites, Humphrey Bogart and James Dean party together with the sultry sexbomb and the King of Rock n' Roll at poker tables, outside diners and inside movie theaters, to serve up happy Xmas and B-Day good cheer and best wishes amongst the festively colored lights, Yule trees and hot muscle cars. And Marilyn and Elvis party as a twosome, as well, outside a carhop, pose with a classic car looking beautiful, and shoot some pool and play some card games together, to charm and please anyone celebrating a birthday or deserving of accomplishment acknowledgement, with the stars.

These gorgeous, glorious, superstar-studded greeting cards from Jadei Graphics will be a huge hit with all who receive them. Expect some wet breathless kisses and thank ya very muchs in return from those so gifted them.