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Cards by Scott Nickel

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Artist Bio

Scott Nickel grew up in Los Angeles during the golden age of smog. Over the years, he has tried his hand at several professions: writer, cartoonist, Elvis impersonator, and donut wrangler. Looking for ways to avoid spending time with his family, Scott produces the syndicated comic strip, "EEK!," creates humorous greeting cards, writes children's books, draws gag cartoons for national magazines, and pens highly inspirational fortune cookies. When not toiling at his craft, Scott enjoys listening to banjo music and milking schnauzers.

There's a funny, fabulous, fantastic, fitting greeting card for almost every occasion and holiday in this colorful, hilarious, garrulous collection from talented, humorous cartoonist Scott Nickel. Christmas, Birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Sorry, Graduation, Get Well, Anniversary, Belated Birthday, Wedding, Halloween, Congratulations, Engagement - they're all represented here in fine, hysterical style, ready for giving and cheering.

B-Day cards feature: magical, purple and white unicorns; beehived ladies fearing granny panties; ironic yellow smiling animals; a female stalker in a bright green sweater and black skirt, holding a coffee cup; and a concerned physician examining Pinocchio who seems to have a wooden case of over-extended nose dysfunction. To single out but a few of the witty, wacky, cartoon illustrated and punch lined greeting cards to choose from and gift out to someone celebrating their latest big special birth day commemoration.

And the other cards for all the other events and holidays are just as bright, brilliant and jokey, jacked up for maximum visual and verbiage laughs with: sexy gingerbread women and men, grilling dads, selfie animals, Count Dracula and the Frankenstein monster, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, cats, dogs, cherubs, thongs, chicks, snowmen, etc, etc, etc !