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Cards by Jamie Charteris

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Jamie Charteris is a very successful cartoonist, having a long association with the card publisher Paperlink, of London. Jamie is the artist behind the classic Bottomline range of cards, a line of humor cards that is hugely popular and enduring.

Retirement is a huge event in everyone's life. Leaving work on a permanent basis doesn't just massively affect the retiree, it also has immense implications for all those left behind in the workplace.

That's the cutting, chippy conundrum colorfully illustrated and cleverly worded on this dam fine Retirement card. A normally busy brown beaver is playfully pictured finally and deservedly at rest, stretched out on a lounger with a drink in its paw enjoying the fruits of its gnawing labor by the pool, alongside the ocean, under a palm tree. But the humorous, funny, punny message is Congratulations, yes, but it's going to be tough for the rest of us stuck in the office or left at the worksite to carry on.

Give the gift of furry, tail-slapping, two-sided hilarity, by giving some special departing colleague or co-worker this bright, buoyant, we'll miss you in more than one way, best wishes greeting card.