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Cards By Daniel Beyer

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Daniel Beyer is the winner of the 2011 "So Ya Wanna Be A Cartoonist" cartooning contest and received a development deal with Creators Syndicate. "Long Story Short" launched in 2014 and is syndicated off- and online by Creators Syndicate. Daniel's gag cartoons have been published in Reader's Digest, Playboy and The New Yorker.

Get Well gets political, on a scale from Barack Obama to Donald Trump, on the funny feel better card featured here from artist Daniel Beyer. But the underlying missive message remains: laughter is the best medicine of all, for presidents and people alike.

Bordered in bright pink and cutely cartoon illustrated and wittily worded, a doctor is pictured in her white lab coat asking a female patient wearing a pink shirt and blue skirt just what the lady's level of pain is. In the process, prescribing great humor and good cheer and warmest best wishes to anyone you choose to diagnosis as worthy of this wonderful, hilarious, gut-busting but psyche-healing greeting card.

Even someone special who has no real stomach for politics will enjoy the finely-drawn funnily prognosed joke on this Get Better Soon card.