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Cards By Katherine Williams

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Katherine Williams loves to work with both watercolours and inks, and enjoys illustrating animals and nature using a splatter effect. Katherine is a Pet portrait and wildlife artist in her spare time creating personal and unique gifts.

Williams gets a little critter crazy and color wild(lifed) in this painted animal collection of Birthday cards. And she gets more than a little punny and funny, too.

On one wonderful, watercolor B-Day greeting card, a plump brown squirrel is playfully posed and portrayed and natch-matched up with some suitably hilarious, nutty wording. While on another glorious, glowing, gorgeous card, a bug-eyed, orange-orbed, green-skinned frog is creatively featured clinging to a brown tree branch with its big orange toes as it ribbits out a humorous riposte for the happy birthday girl or boy.

Anybody celebrating the occasion of another year squirreled away and hopped on by will absolutely enjoy and be delighted at receiving one of these good-natured, humorous, artfully rendered good cheer and best wishes missives. Frogitaboutit!