Humorous Cards for Special Occasions: Divorce, Retirement, and More

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Special Occasions

Love means never having to say you're sorry, but unless you want to spend all your time in the doghouse, it's probably a good idea. Say you're sorry with one of our hilarious humor cards, and they'll be laughing so hard, they'll instantly forget what they were mad about in the first place. In addition to the funniest holiday cards on planet Earth, we also have a motley assortment of humorous cards for other special occasions. Every significant life event deserves a special commemoration, so we've made a special section right here so the less spoken about events don't feel left out of the party.

You might not think to get someone a "happy divorce" card, but it's a great feeling of relief once the difficult process has been completed. These funny divorce cards feature the finest dark humor to make this challenging passage pass more smoothly. Humor always helps! On the other side of the coin, we also have funny engagement cards. Let an old friend know you're thinking about them or cultivate an enticing new friendship with these funny friendship cards. Whether it's a toasting ape, Skyping pets or vintage stars of the past with new dialogue, your new or old friend will get a warm giggle from these greetings. If someone you care about is "one relationship away from being a country song," let them know you're rooting for them. While dogs are pretty cool, these friendship cards are a heck of a lot classier than sniffing each other's butts.

You'll also find sweet and funny I Miss You cards, humorous Happy Retirement cards and hilarious greeting cards for other occasions, like the first day of Spring, the first day of unemployment (it's better than it sounds), happy hairdo or happy whatever. Our cards are proudly made in the U.S. and are printed on FSC-certified sustainable pulp with 10 percent post-consumer waste. That's fancy language for saying it's earth friendly, in addition to being a high-quality greeting card. It's also kind to your budget, and we even give you free shipping on every order.
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