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Funny Sorry Cards

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Who hasn't made a mistake? Who among us hasn't done or said something truly stupid that offended someone we care about? We're none of us perfect, after all. It's why pencils have erasers and computers Delete keys. And why NobleWorks offers up a wide, witty, wonderful and winning (back) selection of Sorry cards, so that you can honestly and humorously show your contrition in an amusing and endearing way and correct your error with warmth, hilarity and sincerity.

The Sorry greetings available here for apologetic giving will have any frosty friend, family member, loved one, workmate or innocent bystander forgiving you with a happy smile on their face. After all, no matter how angry, irate or self righteous they are, who can resist a cute basset hound puppy, or a prickly cactus, or a bed sharing bull, or a hibernating bear husband, or an error admitting kitten? Anybody you owe A Big Sorry to, in fact, will be grinning and giggling with newfound fond appreciation for you, putting yourself back on their Nice List, when you hysterically and heartwarmingly display your hardcopy humility and sorriness using one of these charmingly chuckle worthy cartoon, photographic and graphically designed Sorry cards.