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Funny Superheroes

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Ever wonder what superheroes would be like if they were real people? Well, wonder no more as the NobleWorks’ Superheroes line answers all your questions about the more mundane superheroes, like Vodka Girl, the Caffeinator, the Hot Flash and Superstud just to name a few.

While Superman is saving women and children from badly-dressed villains, Vodka Girl has more pressing issues, like her battle to win happy hour by having the most drinks! As you might have figured out, Vodka Girl ALWAYS gets her way; although, she might not remember it the next day.

The Caffeinator can do any job as long as she has her secret caffeine power source! No cup of Joe is too tall or Grande for this office go-getter! Watch her multitask as breakneck speed. With just a little bit of that magic mud in her cup, she can type out any report, answer phones and give a presentation she didn’t have time to prepare for at the same time.

Things really heat up when Estro-Jenny transforms into The Hot Flash. Her hormones are thrown into a frenzy, and she heats up hotter and hotter but is never consumed by the fire of her loss of estrogen.

And not to leave the fellows out, there is Super Stud. He can charm the ladies in just the blink of an eye or a drink from the bar. He’s out there, somewhere in a dive bar in Brooklyn probably, saving one lady at a time.

These awesome Superhero Cards show you’re never too old to have a superhero in your life.