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The Pix Messages collection of cards cleverly combines funny photos with even more hilarious thought bubbles, to provide stunning insight into self-delusion and awareness, and wishful thinking, all at the same time. And, oh yeah, they're also a great way to send someone a hilarious Happy Birthday, Congratulations or Cheers greeting.

A scaly green iguana wearing a graduation mortarboard dreams of working at McDonald's; a frightened guy pictures his true love's stupendous overbite; a pregnant woman drinks a glass of water fantasizing it was red wine; a big, fat, bald, pointing guy chomping on a cigar pictures himself as Uncle Sam from the 'I Want You' posters; and a bulldog glumly dressed up in a red devil costume plots its dumping revenge on its owner's new shoes.

These bold and humorous photographic, bubbled-up cards will brighten anyone's day, no matter what they're celebrating, or were really wishing for.
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