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High Notes- Weed Joke Cards

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High Notes

They say that Eskimos have 50 words to describe the different types of snowflakes. Americans, on the other hand, have many more words for marijuana, we reckon. Does this say something about American culture?

At NobleWorks Cards, we don't claim to have an answer. All we do is sell cards of the highest quality. Browse the selection of High Notes Weed Joke Cards at and you'll find plenty of options to keep your pothead friends, relatives and co-workers supplied with funny Mary Jane cards round the clock, from 4:20 to 4:20.

We even offer a card that provides all the different names for pot. Frankly, we tried to count the number of names but gave up after trying a few times 'cause we kept getting confused, tired or the munchies. One thing we do know: Check out our wide, wild selection of High Notes Weed Joke Cards for the best legal buzz you can send to anyone who goes for ganja.