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Take As Needed Unique Greetings

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Take as Needed|Hilarious Pill Jokes

NobleWorks has concocted a hilarious new line of medication-themed greeting cards called "Take As Needed" (TAN), featuring a variety of funny pharmaceuticals indicated for numerous everyday occasions.

This sick new line of hilarious birthday pills includes nine eye- and pill-popping designs that are formulated with just the right amount of wrong ingredients to cure conditions such as old age pills(Geezerall 40), birthday pills (Fanphen, Slomax ER and Kisaprinse), engagement drugs(Blingulair XL), congratulations pills (Congratulex), thank-you medicine (Tanxamill), graduation drugs(Graduex) and, of course, get well pills(Getwelbutrin).

Each card's cover features a colorful blister pack of "medications" and lists their active ingredients; inside verses are accompanied by warnings, common side effects and doctor recommendations. Caution: there is no antidote for these addictive cards!