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Cards By Rochelle Tougas

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A nearly-naked, blonde-haired woman frustratingly and funnily ruminates on the age-old, weighty, seasonal conundrum about how Fat Father Christmas can slide so easily down tight chimneys while she can't even get into her skinny jeans already! To make with the Holiday wishes, and send out some truly bad-assed festive greetings.

Pleasantly and plumply pictured in bright Yuletide red, white and green, and blue words and jeans, this hilarious card will have everyone laughing their you-know-what's off. And the interior of the fabulous, fantastic, humorous, joke missive is just as witty and bright, and nearly-nude, as the exterior.

Anyone on your Noel card list gifted this merry, mirthful and (just about) fitting missive will be busting a gut and squeezing out the laughter till it hurts. Courtesy rooftop trimmed Kris Kringle and way too narrow fantasy pants.