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Dad! The marvelous man can do it all, can't he!? Well when it comes to setting up a tree swing, maybe the family male magnificent one "could" use a little bit of direction, or a whole set of easily readable instructions. That would certainly cut down on the barking bumps and bruises, at least.

Of course, among his many other great qualities, dear old Papa has a wonderful sense of humor, and, from years of experience, a well-measured amount of humility. So, the top Pop in question will certainly enjoy receiving the colorful, funny, work-in-progress Father's Day card of good cheer and massive mirth featured here.

A little blonde girl in a pink dress makes a pointed quip aimed both at the little black-haired boy in the white shirt and black shorts who's just skinned his face on a tree trunk thanks to an ill-conceived and hung swing, and, more hilariously and cuttingly, at the well-intentioned daddy who tries so hard to practice constructive parenting but doesn't always get it right, at first. Bright, brash and witty, this cartoon illustrated joke zinger of a garrulous greeting card will have Pa laughing till it hurts - him.
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