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Cards by Nir Molad

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Nir Molad - screenwriter, cartoonist and Animation director. His comics and cartoons were published in Tel Aviv, Blender, Ha’Ir and other Israeli magazines. Wrote teleplays, directed animation shorts, authored the cartoon book The Sound of Musaka and put on a musical standup show, Antihero.

The clever, colorful, funny cards featured here from artist Nir Molad are for those not afraid to get the butt end or wet tip or bloody stuff of a good, raunchy, raucous joke. Especially if they have kind of a sick sense of humor and are celebrating a Birthday, or are actually feeling sicker than usual and need a slightly asinine Get Well pick-me-up.

In this color-filled, off-color, hilarious grouping of greeting cards: two rodents revel in some cool shade, little realizing they are about to get doggy hot dumped on; a woman takes weight loss to the bathroom - toilet and scales; a proud proctologist wall plaques the various items - such ass mice, vegetables and bottles and cans - that he's removed from the rear quarters of some of his patients; and two stylish, preening chickens share a drink and some breathless barnyard gossip while feathering up to the bar.

These greeting cards strike just the right naughty notes of filthy and delightful, to enable you to deploy them to those wonderful people with well-developed senses of humor, and who love a dirty wisecrack drawn and worded.