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Cards By Johnie Seals

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Retirement and Birthday are the occasions marked in fine, funny style in this clever and colorful card collection from artist Johnie Seals. While the outsides of these marvelous, mirthful missives are bright and bold to look at, the insides of the notecards are punchlined for prime gut-busting laughter.

A Retirement cardboard congratulations is embossed with a vivid, vibrant yellow sunburst and some celebratory words on the front, while the interior letters leaven the festivities with light-hearted good cheer. And a B-Day best wishes greeting features blue, green and purple prose on a stunning white background, along with a pointing finger, while the inside wily wording twists the compliment into a bit of a cheap shot - to deliver glad tidings and a great joke, of course.

Anyone gifted any one of these snappy, sassy, super greeting cards will be as happy and delighted as the wonderful occasion truly warrants. Feel free, therefore, to distribute to friends, family members and coworkers, and prepare to be thanked and recognized yourself.
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