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Cards By Greg Thomson

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Cartoonist Greg Thomson brings his considerable talent, skills and humor to the Happy Birthday, Anniversary and Belated Birthday party table with this colorful, hilarious collection of well-drawn and wittily worded greeting cards.

Here, in fine, funny style: a smiling guy dons his gay queenly apparel and poses with a gold sash and scepter, against a gray brick wall, within a vivid pink border, to send out a simply mah-velous B-Day greeting; a wacky lady in a shimmering gold dress, standing against a flowery blue background, tells it like she understands it, to spell out gleeful love commemoration best wishes; and a cute yellow dog blows a tiny man out of its butt, on a green lawn against a blue sky backdrop, to launch better-late-than-never birthday good cheer.

Each of these charming, chortling cards comes complete with an equally excitingly illustrated and scripted interior, as well. So, pick and send one or more out, and you and your lucky card recipients will be glorying in the inked, scrivened gift of Greg Thomson's genius.