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Cards By George Trosley

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George Trosley was fascinated by cars and drawing from early childhood. He received formal art training through his teens at the insistence of his fourth grade teacher. After graduation, Trosley worked as a professional artist at a number of studios in Philadelphia, but found the work unrewarding. In 1973, Trosley set out on his own as a freelance cartoonist, and soon after, he was hired by CARtoons as a regular contributor. Trosley is the creator of Krass & Bernie, a comic strip which ran continuously in CARtoons from 1975 until that magazine's last issue in August 1991. Trosley has produced adult-themed, satirical gag cartoons and comic strips.

The greeting card collection featured here in fine, funny, colorful, cartoon style will meet your Birthday and Graduation missive-giving needs for all those gifted with a great sense of humor and a yearning for yukky laughter.

With bright, vivid, vibrant purple, red, pink and white borders, and basted with gut-busting illustrations and wording: Edna gets buried in a Tupperware casket, as per her last and freshest wishes; Susan gets the red carpet treatment from the bowing, green jacketed, grateful employees at a department store; a grad garnishes his groin with the rolling paper his parents paid $50,000 for; and fat Harold hangs his latest invention for nonstop snacking from his heavy neck.

These B-Day and Grad Congratulations joke cards deliver the good cheer, great laughs and genuine salutations with wacky, wonderful, amusing, colorful wit and cheeky charm.